Steps For Immunization

Steps For Immunizations

You must complete all the following steps in order to receive your immunization.  Please do not skip these steps as it may result in a cancellation of your immunization and a wasted dose. 

  1. Review the COVID-19 Immunization Questions and Answers page at: . We are happy to answer any questions you have about the vaccine, but any delay in our process when you come for your vaccine potentially prevents others from receiving their scheduled dose. This Q&A page is very thorough and is being updated regularly
  2. Please read the COVID-19 Immunization Fact Sheet: – specific for AZ’s viral vector vaccine. Some of this will be a repeat of the information found on the Q&A page.
  3. Complete the consent form and bring it to your appointment. It can be found at .
Covid 19 Immunization shot

On the day of your appointment, please: 

  1. Evaluate whether you need to cancel your appointment: If you have any new or recent onset cough, congestion, or fever, please cancel your appointment. If you have other symptoms which you think may represent a COVID infection, please call the office to discuss with one of our staff. Please be brief.
  2. Arrive at the office 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Remain outside of the clinic until 15 minutes prior to your appointment; at this time, you can enter. Please use hand sanitizer and sign a COVID screening questionnaire which can be found between the doors as you enter. Wear your mask, correctly, at all times when in the clinic. You may bring ONE support person with you for the immunization if you wish. This person must also fill out a COVID screening questionnaire.
  3. If you are new to the clinic, please bring photo ID with you to your appointment as well as your health card.
  4. Please feel free to have the physician answer any questions you still have about the vaccine, but please keep your appointment brief as others are waiting in line behind you.
  5. After receiving the immunization, you will be given a timer and asked to return to the waiting room. When your 15 minutes wait time has elapsed, please approach the receptionist and advise her that you are ready to leave. She will note the time in your chart and you can be on your way, safer than when you arrived!

Thank-you for immunizing yourself and contributing to the protection of our community.  Encourage others to do the same.