After Hours

Most other medical clinics utilize a rotating ‘On-Call’ system where each of the physicians in a group will take turns looking after each other’s patients after office hours and on holidays. At the present time, Dr. Maharaj is not part of this type of coverage. Instead he continues to be available to his patients at all times.


Please bear in mind that most issues are optimally dealt with in the office so that your file may be reviewed and you may undergo important examination and/or investigative procedures. Contact by telephone is never a substitute for an office visit, but rather should be utilized to address problems that can not wait until the morning, and yet, do not require attendance at a Walk-In clinic or other location of medical evaluation. Please also be advised that medical advice of any sort is not an insured service under Medicare and will be subject to a fee.


Dr. Ian Maharaj prefers that you page him at 791-0989.


Calls will be answered within a reasonable time frame, but occasionally other emergencies arise and a caller might wait for two to three hours. If you have a question or request, and you do not require an answer for a couple of days, Dr. Ian Maharaj will respond to email requests. Patients should bear in mind that email communications are not considered secure and do not meet the requirement for Privacy that the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority defines for safe communication. We would like to avoid the use of this process for sensitive communications.