* We will continuously strive to achieve a balance between patient-centred care that recognizes the importance of compassion and unifies mind, body and spirit into a wholistic understanding of each patient, and care that follows the principles of evidence-based practice that conforms to and exceeds professional standards of delivery of care within the setting of a community with limited resources.


* We will endeavour to educate each patient about their condition so that they need not fear the unknown; where we, ourselves, can not understand a patient’s condition, we will assist them in searching for someone who can.


* We will care for patients and their families as a whole rather than as separate parts.


* We will promote healthy lifestyles and preventative health maintenance to avoid illness or disease and to protect and extend wellness.


* We will commit to being partners in our patients’ lives and to journey with them through illness and wellness, from infancy to maturity and, finally, to life’s end.

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