In general, appointments are allotted a time appropriate to deal with a single problem. This suits the majority of patients and allows us to keep waiting times for a routine visit down to a minimum. Asking us to address multiple problems on a single visit has a direct impact on the time it takes to get an appointment. You may notice signs in the examination rooms reminding you of this issue and we ask you to be considerate of others who are waiting behind you to be seen.


If you believe your appointment will take longer than usual, for example, you are feeling depressed and anticipate a long discussion to explain the circumstances, please notify the receptionist at the time of booking the appointment that extra time is requested. Similarly, if your visit is for a specific need such as a PAP test, a prenatal visit, or a minor surgery, please notify the receptionist and an appropriate time will be allotted. The more aware we are of the nature of the visit at the time of booking, the shorter the waiting times in the waiting room will be. Certain types of visits, such as complete physicals and in-office surgeries will be restricted to certain days and times.


In the event that you receive regular medication, you should be aware of the number of pills remaining and book an appointment for re-evaluation and refill of your prescriptions approximately two weeks before they will run out. If you can not obtain an appointment before your medication runs out, we ask you to make the first available appointment, and then approach your pharmacist and request a ‘carry-over’ supply until the appointment can occur.


If your requirement is for medical advice only and you believe this may be able to be provided without an examination at all, you may leave a message for the doctor at the office or, by e-mail, and a response will be provided. This also is an uninsured service and will be subject to a fee. The timeline for a response will vary, but, in general, should be expected to be provided within 48 hrs. If you prefer, medical advice may be sought from Health-Links, at 788-8200, a Manitoba Health service staffed by Nurses, or you may attend a Walk-In clinic or the Misericordia Urgent Care Centre. Emergency Room attendance at hospitals should be reserved for emergencies only.

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