COVID-19 vaccine availability

Crestview continues to be committed to providing an opportunity for you to have your COVID-19 immunizations here at our clinic. The challenges we face include variable availability from Public Health and very short dates to give them out before they expire. This is particularly true for the Pfizer vaccine. After being transported from deep freeze at the WRHA to our freezer where we maintain it at -24 degrees, it must be used within 2 weeks. Once the vial has been thawed, it is only good for 6 hours.

Going forward, we suggest that, if you would like a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine with us, please send us a request by completing the following form or emailing us at the reception email address. Indicate your previous vaccine dates and types if applicable and your request for one or the other vaccine. Please bear in mind that, if we add you to our list, we will be ordering a dose specifically for you. When we receive the vaccine, we will have limited time to schedule you to receive it. There is no point ordering vaccine for patients who are not flexible with their ability to attend. If you want flexibility of timing, we suggest you book at the RBC convention centre. If you want the convenience of attending our office, be prepared to come when we assign your day of attendance.

We anticipate approval for patients age 5-11 to receive vaccine shortly. At this time, we encourage you to immunize your young children with this vaccine. This is a wonderful opportunity to protect our young kids and to further limit the spread of the virus. If you have questions about safety, please book an appointment with any of our physicians or with our Pediatrician, and ensure your questions are answered.