We are excited to announce the provision of several new services at our new location as well as maintaining the traditional service provision our patients have become accustomed to receiving.


  • Our association with the LifeSmart Health group is now three years in development and has proven to be beneficial to any of our patients that have taken advantage of their pharmacy.  Patients are thrilled with the fast, personal service that exceeds the major pharmacy chains while the physicians at Crestview benefit from fast communication with the Pharmacist on a host of matters.  This prevents conflicting prescriptions, delayed medication supply due to manufacturer shortage, and more prompt resolution of insurance coverage issues. LifeSmart Pharmacy offers full service provision including delivery and compliance packaging. We are certain you will find Pharmacy services from LifeSmart exceed your expectations.
  • We are associated with WRHA’s MyHealth Team which means you may receive some enhanced service from an Occupational Therapist, a Dietician, a Pharmacist or a Social Worker.  These services are offered without fee and are designed to ensure you are able to navigate the health care system effectively.
  • We now have enhanced communication tools such as electronic appointment reminders, online appointment booking and secure email messaging.
  • Our Medical Office Assistants can now perform your EKG, Spirometry, automated blood pressure, ankle brachial index, height and weight in a dedicated space before you even see your physician.
  • Our Walk-In service is available five days a week during COVID and six days per week otherwise.  If your physician is unable to see you quickly for a minor issue, our Walk-In physicians will be able to access your chart and communicate directly to your physician. Tests ordered by our Walk-In doctors will be available for your own physician to review.
  • We are proudly able to offer rapid access to General Neurology service. Our pediatric patients can now benefit from the expertise of our Pediatrician, Dr. Chris Hohl.  Dr. Hohl also accepts patients from outside the clinic and, while a referral is not required, it is preferred where possible.  Dr. Tandon offers Lactation Consultation and Family Practice Dermatology on a referral basis only.  Dr. Moran de Muller offers Obstetrical and delivery care – referral preferred but not required.  Dr. Kirsten Clark has joined the practice and has a certification in the Care of the Elderly.  And joining us in June of 2021 is Dr. Harpal Chaudhary, a Rehab Physiatrist accepting referrals at this time for Rehab care.  Dr. Chaudhary will work with the Physiotherapists at Motion Science Physiotherapy and the Chiropractors at Vera Chiropractic who are located within our mall complex to assist you in the recovery or management of your injury or physical illness.
  • We continue to provide minor surgical procedures in a dedicated surgical room as well as travel advice and immunizations.


With these and other services, we are continually striving to provide the most thorough, most advanced and modern experience possible.


Welcome to the new Crestview Medical Clinic.

Our Doctors

The Care Providers at Crestview Medical Clinic bring diversified interests to the team, encompassing the most recent and up to date training, the confidence borne of experience and spanning multiple cultural backgrounds.

Dr. Ian Maharaj

  • Family Practice
  • Interest in Geriatric Care in Personal Care Homes

Dr. Joanna Webb

  • Family Practice
  • Interest in Palliative Care

Dr. Karen Moran de Muller

  • Family Practice
  • Interest in Obstetrics and Women’s Health
  • Interest in Geriatric Care in Personal Care Homes
  • Interest in Psychiatry
  • Interest in Hospital Family Practice

Dr. Richa Tandon

  • Family Practice
  • Interest in Women’s Health
  • Interest in Lactation Consultation
  • Interest in Dermatology
  • Referral required

Dr. Chris Hohl

  • Pediatrician: newborn to 18 years
  • Referrals preferred but not required

Dr. Shan Weeratunga

  • Family Practice
  • Interest in Advanced Years Care

Dr. Esaias Jordaan

  • Family Practice – all ages
  • Minor Surgery

Dr. Harpal Chaudhary

  • Rehabilitation Physiatrist
  • Referrals Accepted

Dr. Chantelle Hercina

  • Family Practice
  • Interest in Pediatric and Youth care
  • Minor Surgery and Injection therapies – all ages

Dr. Mark Vendramelli

  • Walk-In Service
  • Internal Medicine

Dr. Shelley Mott

  • Walk-In Service

Dr. Kirsten Clark

  • Family Practice
  • Certification in the Care Of The Elderly

Dr. Brent Armstrong

  • Psychiatrist
  • Referrals accepted for specified conditions